Want Better Comprehension? Format It!

Are you getting ready to send your next direct marketing campaign? Whether you are preparing to send a postcard or an email, three simple formatting techniques can make your content easier to read, comprehend, and remember. Even if you’re not a writing whiz, these techniques are easy to implement, too. Every marketer can do it.

  1. Use white space. Whether you have a lot of space or a little, it’s tempting to fill up that space with as much text and as many images as possible. Don’t! Crowded areas are hard to read. Give your content some breathing room. Less crowded designs are more pleasing to the eye and get the point across more quickly.

  2. Organize using bullets. Bullet points are one of the most effective ways to communicate information, and people love them. Why? They accomplish a variety of goals:
  • They are easy to read.
  • They summarize points quickly.
  • They require minimal effort for comprehension.
  • They allow you to emphasize key points.
  • They attract attention.
  1. Add graphics. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and for a good reason. The human brain processes information more quickly when it is presented in visual form. Visual communication is also more likely to be remembered. It’s called “the picture superiority effect.”

What does this mean for you? Where you can represent concepts with charts or graphics, do! There is a reason that infographics are such a powerful —and popular— tool in marketing today.

Isn’t it nice that such simple changes can get you significant results? Sometimes, yes, it’s just that easy.

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