Design Campaigns Like Award-Winners!

Have you ever wondered what goes into an award-winning marketing campaign? Sometimes it’s crackerjack copy. Sometimes it’s stunning images. Increasingly, however, it’s the smart integration of multiple elements, from creative to media selection. Let’s look at five components of award-winning campaigns here.

  1. Multiple media, including print. Marketing campaigns using multiple media channels, including print, in strategic, integrated ways are the most successful. Award winners understand which channels are most effective for each element of the campaign, then use the best of each to accomplish the goal.
  2. Unusual spins on traditional media. Print is exploding with options in innovation. Think unusual folds, die-cuts, and dimensional inks and coatings. One award-winner used a vertical gatefold tipped onto the cover of a magazine to catch attention. Imagine using personalized teasers in your marketing to get recipients to open a tip-on, then exposing them to a personalized message underneath!
  3. Reader interaction through personalization. If you can encourage people to interact with (and, better yet, create) their marketing pieces, they are more likely to act on them. “Create your own” (personalized) brochures on everything from home décor to travel itineraries are great examples accessible even to small and mid-sized businesses.
  4. Knowing your audience. Award-winning marketers know their audiences. They match the message, the channel, and the response mechanisms to the preferences and habits of the people receiving them. Are recipients most likely to respond using the phone? Personalized URLs? General URLs? QR Codes? Know your audience and design your campaigns to them.
  5. Tracking and measuring goals and results. Award winners carefully track and monitor their results. When you know what works, you can build on what’s effective and ditch what isn’t. This gives you the freedom to innovate and maximize your profits!

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